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Immigration Law
We have more than a decade’s experience of working on business and family based immigration cases. We specialize in L1, O1, H1, EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5 visas. In addition to corporate immigration we provide services in family based immigration(K1, K2, K3, Marriage based AOS) and victim based immigration (VAWA, U Visas).
Immigration Law Merchant Law
Family Law Merchant Law
Family Law
We started practicing family law as part of our family based immigration services. While going through the immigrant visa process our clients would often have questions about the consequences of going through a divorce, separation, domestic violence situation or death of the primary sponsor. We realized that those clients’ needs will be best served by a law firm which practices both immigration and family law.
Estate Planning
Do you have a need for a will or trust?  Our straight-forward and cost-effective plan will save you time and money.

Having your affairs in order is critical theses days.  Let us show you how you, your dependents, or your loved ones can avoid huge fess to the IRS.

Knowing that you've taken care of this very important step in life will bring you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.
Merchant Law Estate Planning
Bankruptcy Merchant Law
Let Merchant Law Firm be the solution for eliminating your debts. Whether it is personal or business debt, we are here to help you.
Admicable Divorces
We know how hard a divorce can be on a couple and we also know it can be even harder if children are involved. Here at Merchant Law Firm our goal is to reduce the pain to the absolute minimum. If the two people involved can see their way to put aside their differences for just a short period of time, then both will be far better off in the long run. Let us show you how.
Merchant Law Admicable Divorces
​​​​​​​Hourly rate : Several Months / Years

OUR APPROACH : Flat rate : Short Time
We help couples to an agreement by:

- Educating them on the process
- Reviewing all their issues to understand areas of agreements and individual concerns
- Providing a plan on how to address each of the issues

We believe that couples should work together with a neutral party to navigate through the process.
Our Process Saves You Money

Money often weighs heavy on the mind during this process and that is where we can help tremendously. When a couple comes to us with the goal to work together to get through these difficult times, we can greatly reduce the amount of money needed. We are specialists at guiding couples to where they want to be with the least amount of expenditures possible. It’s important to understand that each fight, argument, squabble will add to the total cost of a divorce. We lend a sympathetic ear to both sides and keep expenses to a minimum by focusing on an amicable divorce and sticking to what needs to be done.
Our Process Saves You Time

Even though this is most likely new to you, we’ve gone through this process many times. We know which forms need to be filed, we know when they need to be filed and we know how they need to be filed.  It’s what we do and we’re experts at it. We know how to keep your time on the phone or in our office to an absolute minimum and let you get on with other things that you need to take care of in your life.
Our Process Is Less Hassle

You won't need to come back again and again for the same form or have to keep giving the same information over and over. We know the procedures and requirements inside and out. We know which forms are needed up front and just as importantly, which ones aren’t needed. We know the court systems just as well and the filing procedures too. We cover it all so there’s less hassle for all involved.
Alternative Legal Services

Some take their divorce case to a paralegal and have good results, but others may end up paying even more in the long run for their service. The most important thing to understand about paralegal services is that, by law, they cannot represent you in a court of law.

Secondly, a paralegal, by law cannot give you legal advice.
If you have a legal question or are just looking for a small bit of legal guidance, a paralegal is not allowed to give this to you.


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